These languages require the least amount of scheduled lead preparation time for the regular presentation titled, “General Physics Principles”:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Mandarin
  • Irish

These languages may require more advance notice for the regular presentation titled, “General Physics Principles”,  so that Matt can adequately prepare the language presentation:

  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Warlpiri
  • Hawai’ian
  • Navajo

Dual-language presentations work like this:

  • You can request presentations in English and any of one of the other ten languages.
  • Matt can speak in English plus one designated language for a one-hour presentation for the standard fee. For example, English and Spanish, or English and French, but not English and Spanish and French at the same time.
  • A one-hour minimum is needed between language changes in the same day. For example, after Matt presents for one hour in Mandarin and English, he will need a one-hour break to change to Spanish, French, German, Irish, etc. Please inquire for further explanation if needed.
  • Presentations may or may not be available in more than two non-English languages on the same day. Please inquire.

How you can help make Language Presentations stellar

For presentation in a foreign language, Matt introduces many new vocabulary words. If you, the teacher/event booker, know the basic words related to the given field (in English as well as the second designated language), when your students hear those words the students can more easily follow the first time Matt says it in a non-English language before he repeats it in English.

Examples:  For the “Boomerangs and Fun Physics” lecture given in another language, these words are helpful vocabulary to know in advance in the selected language:  to throw, wind, to catch, wing, airplane, above, below, top, bottom, to turn, to incline or tilt, to push, aerodynamics, right, right-handed, left, and left-handed. (But don’t worry, I can repeat vocabulary a lot as needed.)