“From the planning stages of where we’d pull off the presentation in our small cafeteria, to using his knowledge of different languages to engage our students, Matt was very easy to work with, and extremely collaborative with our unique school. Matt was able to use his knowledge to show the children the fun of science, and the importance of learning a new language at the appropriate grade levels. We would recommend and encourage any school or organization to experience Matt’s presentation.”

- Desiree K Luca, Global Village Academy Volunteer Coordinator, Fort Collins, Colorado


“Matt Hannifin, with Science Toy Magic LLC, came to give his presentations of scientific principles with demonstrations of science toys at Global Village Academy … We were delighted for the opportunity for him to give entire presentations in Spanish, French and in Mandarin Chinese. His language presentations included demonstrating and explaining the Bernoulli Principle of aerodynamics, gyroscopic precession and stability, magnetic repulsion, retroflection in optics and repulsion of electric charges … His presentation covered the … language[s] that [are] taught at Global Village Academy, so this was useful for all levels of students that are learning the … Language[s]”

- Julie Rossi, Global Village Academy Interim Principal, Fort Collins, Colorado


“… It is clear that Matt’s science presentation is very entertaining and educational; several people will attest to this. What I was impressed with was his effort to listen and engage in Warlpiri culture. It was this attitude that made me incredibly grateful for his time and effort presenting with us.”

- Jackson Fitzpatrick, WYDAC Youth Program, Yuendumu, Northern Territory, Australia


“I can truly say that Matt is a great asset to Downtown and we are happy that he is down here! … [Matt] comes recommended or nominated by over a dozen prestigious institutions including company presidents and two other city Mayors in different countries. … His contributions to his community are well-documented.”

- Ed Stoner, Former Mayor of Fort Collins, Colorado


“Matt Hannifin has just spent today entertaining and teaching all two hundred and thirty two pupils here at St. Patrick’s School. … He pitched every presentation to suit the age of the group in front of him and so he tailored his language to suit all our class groups, from second class to sixth. …I have no hesitation in stating that Matt is a gifted communicator, a born teacher and a scientific genius. He absolutely loves his subject matter and he works enthusiastically to foster a love of science and maths in each student who is privileged to attend one of Matt’s presentations.”

- Daniel Whelan, Principal, St. Patrick’s School, Galway, Ireland


“As a science educator, [Matt possesses] a natural teaching style and compassion and caring for students that is unparalleled in my experience. … [Matt] created an environment that made learning abstract concepts pertinent, engaging and fun. It was a joy to watch [Matt] share his love with [his] students as their minds began to explore the world of motion. [Matt] has made me realize that one human being can change lives. I watched [his] patient and learned methods transform self-images from ‘I can’t possibly’ to ‘You bet I can!’”

- Susan Abbott, Science Department Chair, Native American Preparatory School, Rowe, New Mexico


“Through Science Toy Magic, Matt taught scientific principals and demonstrated science toys in such an entertaining way the children were mesmerized. He is energetic and a powerful communicator making complex subjects not only understandable but fun! … Matt illustrates that he embraces lifelong learning as a dynamic process, not limited to an isolated experience. He wishes to instill that love of learning to all he connects with. Matt Hannifin and Science Toy Magic is a valuable asset to any organization and I enthusiastically recommend his program and presentations.”

- Deborah Amend, Superintendent, Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site, Laramie, Wyoming


“Mr. Hannifin is obviously driven to pass his love of science to children. He is funny, intelligent, and a great explainer of science concepts. Many of the children understood what he was teaching them through the toy demonstrations.”

- Erin Senseman, Poudre River Public Library District, Fort Collins, Colorado


“[Matt] has been visiting my classroom for the past six years, bringing his love for science and math to share with my students. …He is consistently pleasant, and takes on all challenges with enthusiasm and dedication. I appreciate his positive attitude. Matt is a quick thinker with great organizational skills and has a pleasant demeanor when working with people. He is an awesome motivational speaker. … Matt has an extensive repertoire of FUN and WOW!”

- Theresa Thompson, 4th grade teacher, Makawao Elementary School, Maui, Hawai’i


“His workshop was given in a very simple, interactive and playful manner. He explained five principles of physics. The students thoroughly enjoyed his presentations as they were given an opportunity to engage and participate actively. We are impressed with Matt as he is currently learning the Irish language and he gave the workshop in both Irish and English. We highly recommend Matt to other secondary and primary schools to promote science and education.”

- Treasa Uí Lochlainn, Science Teacher, Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin, Co. Galway, Ireland


“[Matt] performed scientific, mathematical tricks in an entertaining presentation. He explained and showed us why boomerangs fly and he used very visual techniques in his presentation. The children and teachers both really enjoyed the presentation. He was very enthuasistic in his approach, and he had great control of the class (in a gentle way). I would encourage any school to invite Matt in to their school.”

- Bríd Uí Liatháin, Príomhoide, Scoil Náisiúnta, Leitir Mealláin, Co. Galway, Ireland


“Matt Hannifin spent today, March 24th, in our school teaching classes – second right up to sixth. The pupils enjoyed these scientific demonstrations which he communicated at a level to suit all age groups. I can honestly say that everyone, pupils, teachers alike, thoroughly enjoyed the presentations.”

- Mairéad Mhic Dhouncha, Príomhoide, Scoil Mhic Dara, An Cheathrú Rua, Co. Galway, Ireland


“Matt Hannifin gave a science demonstration at our school. The demonstration was both enjoyable and relevant to all students.”

- Michael O Culemm, Príomhoide, Gairmscoil Einne Oileáin Arann, Inis Mór, Co. Galway, Ireland


“The four presentations which you gave to my students on the physics of boomerangs and on your experiences living in Australia have been the talk of the school since you left. … By bringing your experiences into our classroom, you have made science real for my students. Thank you. I would also like to thank you for your enthusiasm to join in a community event while you were here. … Your presence will always be welcome at Mesa Elementary.”

- Tara Kuehn, 6th Grade Science Teacher, Mesa Elementary School, Shiprock, New Mexico


“The students had a difficult time grasping Bernoulli’s principle before the boomerang presentation; now, many can grasp this idea. The students were delighted by the hands-on exposure to the boomerang and they absolutely loved it. … My students described Mr. Hannifin and his demonstration as neat, cool, fun and interesting. What else could you ask for in a physics lecture?”

- Lana Power, Elida Municipal Schools, Elida, New Mexico


“On behalf of the children and faculty at St. Stephen’s School, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for coming to our school and sharing your love and knowledge of Australia. The children are still talking about the “boomerang man” with great excitement in their little eyes. Your presentation was so interesting and you were so enthusiastic that we all have decided Australia would be the place we would like to visit most.”

- Anne White, St. Stephen’s School, Wimberley, Texas


“Matt, the residents and staff are STILL talking about that “boomerang man” and all that stuff he brought. You were a big hit. …We all loved it – hope you will come and visit us soon.”

- Trudy Darling, Activity Director, The Arbor Retirement Community, Austin, Texas


“Matt, thank you so much for coming and presenting your program on Boomerangs and Fun Physics. We all (teachers and students) thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The next day, you were all the students talked about. …Thanks for helping to show my students some fun applications of physics. I hope that you can come back and see us again!”

- Pam Doolittle, Gattis Junior High, Clovis, New Mexico


“Matt Hannifin’s expertise in retail, and the credibility he brings to the City of Fort Collins, gains my full support of his attendance at the International Trade for Toys and Hobby Expo [in Shanghai, China].”

- Darin Atteberry, City Manager, Fort Collins, Colorado


“Just call him Johnny Boomerang. There’s something about a guy who finds so much joy in a piece of curved wood that he’s willing to spend his own time and money spreading the come-back gospel to others.”

- S. Emerson Moffat, for the Austin Chronicle, Austin, Texas