Science Toy Magic’s presentations, given by Matt Hannifin, combine science, language and culture in an active, engaging format suitable for ages six and up.

Science Toy Magic (the toy store) closed to make room for Science Toy Magic’s presentations – given across the world, in eleven different languages. Respectfully, please do not contact Matt to try to purchase toys- see FAQ.

Matt’s presentations began in mid-1980s in Texas, became formalized in 1997 under the Visiting Scientist Program of the New Mexico Academy of Sciences, were honed through years of teaching physics and chemistry at the Native American Preparatory school in New Mexico – and have continued since then.

Presentations, aided by the use of science toys, are geared toward school students, as well as professional groups, (like NASA see Image Gallery) to inspire life-long learning and innovation – in English, as well as ten other languages.








"Matt got the children to think for themselves and to realize that they have scientific minds already that just need to be tapped into. … We also greatly appreciated Matt’s use of Irish in his presentations."

- Máire de Báicéir (Baker), School Principal, Bearna Primary School, Co. Galway, Ireland