1-hour long presentations are the standard - no less than 40 minutes, and up to 90 minutes, can work if needed.

If multiple presentations are given on one day, Matt may need an hour between presentations. A one-hour minimum is needed between language changes in the same day. For example, after Matt presents for one hour in Mandarin and English, he will need a one-hour break to change to Spanish, French, German, Irish, etc. Please inquire for further explanation if needed.

Matt will need about 1 hour prior to presentation to setup the space.


Pricing is standardized for single presentations, and geared for the budgets of schools and non-profits – but I prefer to talk money voice-to-voice. I will answer emails to set up a telephone call, so leave your phone number and best times to call.

We can also discuss alternate cost structures (for more than one presentation given on a single day, or multiple presentations given over multiple days, etc.).

Surcharges apply for travel further than 30 minutes from Fort Collins, Colorado. If I am already visiting your area for another engagement, the surcharge will be significantly less.